Jul 10, 2009

Xabi Alonso to Real Madrid?

It seems Real Madrid is still trying to get a few more star soccer players into the team. In the last few days there have been some rumors about the interest Real Madrid has in Xabi Alonso, the spanish star who currently plays with Liverpool in England.

Real Madrid has spent a lot of money in the last few weeks with the contracting of Kaka, Cristiano Ronaldo, Benzema, Albiol.

Xabi Alonso is a very well known spanish player who plays in Liverpool since 2004. Liverpool sources have said several times in the past that Xabi Alonso is not to be transfered anywhere in the world, no way. He still has 3 more years in his current contract with Liverpool, and they are not thinking about transfering him.

But the truth is that in this soccer world, everything is possible. Manchester United said the same thing about Cristiano Ronaldo, and after a lot of rumors Cristiano Ronaldo finally joined Real Madrid. If Cristiano Ronaldo did, any other player in the world would do the same thing.

Some people say that Liverpool is considering a transfer for Xabi Alonso to Real Madrid for the amount of about 100 million dollars. This amount is something possible for a team like Real Madrid. This is like pocket money for them.

We will have to be listening to the news about this possible transfer in the next few days or weeks.

Just after almost everybody thought that Real Madrid was over for now with the contracting of additional soccer stars, this one will be a new novel. Xabi Alonso to Real Madrid could be a matter of time.

After this new interest of Real Madrid, I guess one thing is out of the question: Real Madrid bank account seems to have no limits!

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