Jul 14, 2009

Beckham is back with LA Galaxy

David Beckham is finally back in the USA, and he is ready to join LA Galaxy soccer team as soon as possible. After a long time outside of USA, he is finally back.

The question is...... is the Galaxy organization happy with the return of David Beckham?. Well, this could be a matter of discussion, some people may be happy and some people may not.

LA Galaxy owners are probably happy with Beckham's return. He is a large investment they made a couple of years ago, and they are yet to get some earnings out of that investment.

So far Beckham has played only two seasons with LA Galaxy since he joined the team back in 2007. The main idea of the investment they made with Beckham probably was to have some competitions to be won, everybody expected that LA Galaxy was supposed to be the favorite team to win the MLS tournament.

But LA Galaxy team has come too short, they didn´t make it to the finals in those two seasons. The overall performance of the team, and Beckham´s performance as well, has not been necessarily the best.

We have to admit that promotional items related to Beckham have had a lot of success. Several thousands of T-Shirts, tickets and related stuff have been sold quite a lot.

Marketing and promotion has not fallen short. A lot of endorsement deals, a lot of show business topics. As for this part of the story, so far so good.

But if we go directly to the performance of the team in the field, and the results, so far LA Galaxy has got nothing at all. That´s something yet to obtain.

Another thing we should ask ourselves is if Beckham's teammates in LA Galaxy are happy or not with his return. We could ask Landon Donovan what he thinks about it. Donovan said a few days ago that he and several teammates are not necessarily happy with Beckham's return.

Donovan even said that he is questioning a lot Beckham´s professional behavior. That´s a very strong statement. Beckham is angry about Donovan's statement, he said he will talk with Donovan as soon as he can in order to clear things out. I guess a lot of things will come out of those talks, and it´s a sure thing we will have a lot of material to discuss in the next few days.

It seems some people didn´t like too much the idea of Beckham playing for AC Milan the last few months. That is something to consider, if Beckham´s team is LA Galaxy, why he didn´t want to come back?

It looks like LA Galaxy needs to beg Beckham in order to get him back to LA. I think there is no need to beg anybody, if Beckham doesn´t want to play in LA Galaxy again, they should let him go and forget about him.

The environment around Beckham´s return is not a healthy environment. I don´t think he will have a good season with LA Galaxy with all these discussions around him.

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