Jul 10, 2009

Gold Cup: Mexico 1, Panama 1

Mexico could not win against Panama in the Gold Cup, the final result was 1-1. Mexico was supposed to have a victory over Panama. Mexico scored the 1st goal early in the 1st half, and up until that moment everything was going well for Mexico.

After the 1st goal, many people thought that Mexico would score more goals and would have an easy victory over Panama, but that didn´t happen.

Panama scored their goal also in the 1st half. After this, the game became very difficult for both teams, and it also became very rough, there were a lot of discussions, a lot of kicks from both teams, some sort of fightings.

The referee had a very difficult time all over the game in order to keep things under control, he had to show 2 red cards in the 1st half, one for a Panamanian player and the other one for a Mexican player. Both teams finished the 1st half with 10 players each.

The 2nd half was more complicated for the referee, a lot of rough plays from both teams, a lot of kicks. At some point it seemed that there was going to be a general fight between both teams. Things didn´t look well at all.

There was a very strange play late in the 2nd half, a Panamanian player had control over the ball very near to the Mexican bench, and all of a sudden the Mexican coach, Javier Aguirre, kicked that Panamanian player. I couldn´t believe that, I don´t know what happened to Javier Aguirre, he just attacked the Panamanian player!

The panamanian player reacted very bad to that kick, he pushed Javier Aguirre in the chest, and it seemed that a fight was starting. All mexican players in the bench and assistants reacted against the panamanian player.

A general fight was starting between both teams, that was really incredible. The referee showed a red card to Javier Aguirre, and showed a red card to the Panamanian player as well.

What happened to Javier Aguirre? Why did he attack the panamanian player that way?. This was a very critical moment into the game. About 10 minutes were lost in the waiting for the game to resume.

After this incident, Panama had only 9 players into the field, against 10 mexican players. The last 10 minutes were played, and the final score was 1-1.

Fans into the stadium were very angry, most of them were mexican fans. They throwed a lot of things into the field, some of them were intending to hit some players and the refereee as well.

Considering the factors around this game, somehow the result was not that bad for Panama. As for Mexico, I don´t think people in Mexico will be very happy about their national team, they couldn´t beat Panama.

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