Jul 14, 2009

Tevez will stay in Manchester

Carlos Tevez, the Argentina soccer superstar will finally stay in Manchester, he won´t have to move to another city or country, he will be able to play next season in England, as he has been doing the last couple of seasons.

Now, there is a minor detail on his stay in Manchester that we all should be aware of. He will be playing with a new team, and that is Manchester City. He won´t be playing with Manchester United anymore. As we all know, he has been playing with Manchester United for some time now, but it seems he was not very happy with Sir Alex Ferguson.

Tevez said several times that he felt Mr. Ferguson didn´t use his services as a regular player in Manchester United, he only was able to play a few minutes each game. He was being used as substitute player, and he feels that his category is not for being a substitute player, he could play in any team in the world as regular player.

It seems Mr. Ferguson didn´t like too much that interpretation from Tevez, and he considered it was better for everybody that Tevez would move to another team. And it definitely was better for Tevez and for Manchester United as well. It seems everybody is happy about Tevez leaving the team.

Manchester City has announced that Tevez is officially their new player. Tevez even got through medical examination already, and he did well. He will join his new teammates very soon in their training sessions.

It´s going to be very convenient for Tevez this move, he won´t have to go anywhere else but stay in Manchester, the same city he´s been living.

I guess Tevez will have more chances to play in Manchester City than the chances he had with Manchester United. It´s going to be a very good opportunity for him to show his category, he will get to play as regular player in every game.

Good for Tevez, he´s got a good deal, he will get to play in England, where the category of soccer is top of the world.

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