Jul 13, 2009

Samuel Eto'o future in England?

There is the possibility Samuel Eto'o is to be transfered to England. In the last few days there were some negotiations between Barcelona FC and Manchester City, the transfer was almost ready but all of a sudden it's over, Eto'o is not going to Manchester City anymore.

However, there is another team in England very interested in Samuel Eto'o, and this other team is a very prestigious team. Do you know what team this is?

Well, this team is also from Manchester, and it is Manchester United. Sir Alex Ferguson, coach of Manchester United, has said he is very interested in Samuel Eto'o, since he is trying to reinforce the offensive section of his team.

Manchester United is negotiating the possible transfer of Samuel Eto'o, this is something to be decided in the next few days. It would be very interesting to see Eto'o playing with a team like Manchester United.

The characteristics of Samuel Eto'o as a soccer player, I mean, he is fast, very smart, very strong, and he is a top scorer, he has all the features of a great player, and Manchester United could use a player like Eto'o.

However, let´s be cautious about this transfer. In the last few days there have been a lot of rumors about transfers in Europe for many players, and this possible transfer of Samuel Eto'o could end in nothing.

Samuel Eto'o has said that he would move to another team only if the conditions are good enough for him, not only the amount of money but the category of his new team as well.

Manchester United is for sure a category team for any soccer player in the world, any soccer player would want to play with Manchester United, and Samuel Eto'o is one of those players, there is no doubt about it.

If Eto'o can´t get the contract with Manchester United, I guess he will have to play one more season with Barcelona FC, I believe he has 1 year left in his current contract, and after the contract is finished he will have enough chances to move to another team, or try to get a new and better deal with Barcelona FC.

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