Jul 14, 2009

Manchester United has closed all transfers

Manchester United is not going to transfer any more players this season, neither they will hire new players. Sir Alex Ferguson said that they are complete by now, he has the players he needs in order to play next season.

A lot of rumors in the last few days about Samuel Eto'o joining Manchester United, but that was only a rumor because the operation finally didn´t go through. In a previous post on this blog we talked about that possibility, but we also said that it was also a possibility of not happening. I guess Eto'o will have to stay in Barcelona FC after all.

Manchester United lost Cristiano Ronaldo, they lost Tevez as well. However, they've got some new players in order to replace the ones that left, but replacing players like Ronaldo and Tevez is not easy. At the end of the day Manchester United will miss both players, but whan can they do about it?. Now it´s too late for complaining. Sir Alex Ferguson has no other choice but to go forward with the team he has right now.

I´m not sure what's going to be the future of Manchester United, they are a very good team and they will do fine. Not sure if they will win the championships they used to win, it´s going to be very hard for them.

Let´s remember that they got some new players though, I guess the most known of them is Michael Owen. He had the peak of his career several years ago. Even though he is a great player, I´m not sure how well he will do it with Manchester United this coming season.

Michael Owen will wear the shirt Cristiano Ronaldo used to wear with Manchester United, and that is shirt number 7. That will put a lot of pressure on Owen, several thousands or millions of eyes will be watching him. It´s going to be very hard for him, for Sir Ferguson, and for the team as well.

Manchester United has always been a model of teamwork, even though they´ve had great players in the past, one of their best characteristics is not depending on one or two players, they´ve depended on their teamwork.

Sooner or later they will go again to the top of the soccer world, it will be a matter of time. I hope their fans will have enough patience with their team in the next few seasons.

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