Jul 15, 2009

David Villa to Barcelona FC?

David Villa, the international spanish soccer player, is being mentioned as a possibility for moving to Barcelona FC. However, his current team, Valencia FC, has set a minimum price for him.

Do you know what is the minimum price for Villa? I´m sure you know we´re talking about a few millions, but how many millions is that?

Well, that minimum price is "only" 50 million Euros, and that is the minimum. Barcelona knows about this minimum price, but they are trying to negotiate with Valencia FC anyway.

David Villa used to be a possibility for joining Real Madrid over the last few weeks, but we all know that Real Madrid has already signed Karim Benzema who plays in the same position of Villa. The interest Real Madrid had in Villa has to wait for some time in the future.

This is a good opportunity for Barcelona if they really want Villa on their team, they don´t have the competition from Real Madrid anymore.

But Barcelona FC is not going to invest giant amounts of money for new players. They know David Villa is a player that they would want in their team, but they also said that they can't afford to pay more than they consider as a fair amount.

Joan Laporta, Barcelona FC president, said that they are interested in David Villa, they really want him on their team, but only if they get a fair price from Valencia FC. I guess Laporta doesn´t think 50 million Euros is a fair amount.

How much is a fair amount according to Barcelona?. We really don´t know, but it must be quite a lot of money anyway.

If David Villa finally joins Barcelona, even if Valencia doesn´t get the 50 million, I´m sure they would get something very close to that amount, that´s for sure.

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