Jul 11, 2009

Gold Cup: Canada on top of Group A

All games of group A in the Concacaf Gold Cup have been played. This group included Canada, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Jamaica. After all games were played, Canada finished 1st in the group with 7 points.

The 2nd place is for Costa Rica, with 4 points. Third place is for Jamaica with 3 points, and 4th place is for El Salvador with 3 points as well. I guess only a few people thought that Canada would finish in 1st place, most people thought that Costa Rica was the favorite.

The reason for Jamaica having the 3rd place instead of El Salvador is because of a rule in the competition that states that if 2 teams are tied in points, the criteria for defining who goes first is the direct result between those 2 teams.

As we already know, Jamaica had a victory 1-0 over El Salvador, that's why Jamaica is on 3rd place. Canada and Costa Rica played and the final result was a draw 2-2.

Canada and Costa Rica are already into the 2nd round of the competition. Jamaica still has to wait for the final results on Group B and Group C, and they hope to grab one spot into the 2nd round if they finish as one of the best 3rd places.

Let´s remember that we have 3 groups in the competition, 4 teams in each group. The top 2 teams in each group qualify into the 2nd round, that makes a total of 6 teams. The remaining 2 teams who will also qualify are going to be picked between the teams that finished in 3rd place en each group, that is 2 out of 3 teams.

Jamaica is one of those teams. The reamining 2 teams are going to be defined between today and tomorrow with the games to be played in Group B and Group C.

After we have all 3 third places, the best 2 of them will qualify into the 2nd round. The criteria for defining who will be the best 2 of them will be the amount of points. Jamaica has 3 points, so they have to wait to see what happens with the other groups.

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