Jul 8, 2009

US vs Honduras today in soccer Gold Cup

Today it's a very interesting day in the Gold Cup, we will have a very good match between USA and Honduras. It´s going to be a very hard match for both teams.

US team is the favorite to win this game I guess, they are the host team in the competition. However, let´s remember that Honduras is a very dificult team, it´s not going to be that easy for US team to beat Honduras.

Only a few weeks ago both teams played as part of the qualifyings for the World Cup, that was a very though game for US, Honduras scored the 1st goal in that game, but US team finally won 2-1.

In the game they will play today, none of the teams will use their main players, they are trying to use many alternate players in this competition in order to give them the opportunity to show their skills, and hopefully some of these players will get the chance to participate in the next few matches for the World Cup qualifyings.

The game will be played in Washington tonight, and I'm sure the stadium will be crowded by many fans, cheering for USA and cheering for Honduras as well. Thousands of honduran fans will attend this game to give their support to their Honduras national team.

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