Jul 8, 2009

When is Real Madrid next game?

Soccer fans all over the world are wondering when it's the next game of Real Madrid, the game where we will be able to see in action the new superstars playing together in the same team: Cristiano Ronaldo & Kaka.

Well, the answer is July 20th, that is 12 days from today. And do you know where this game will be played and who will Real Madrid be playing against? Would you like to know?. Continue reading if you do.

The answer may be pretty difficult to figure out for many people, because this game will be played against a not very known team. That team is Shamrock Rovers. Have you ever heard about this team?

Many people probably don´t know where this team is from. Well, let me tell you that this is a soccer team from Ireland, and this game will be played in Dublin, on July 20th as we said before.

It will be a friendly game, but it won´t be a regular friendly game because the whole world is looking forward to the official presentation of Real Madrid with Cristiano Ronaldo and Kaka in the field, playing together.

I guess this friendly game will be the most watched friendly game in soccer history, I´m sure millions of soccer fans will be watching on TV.

I will be one of those soccer fans, we will be waiting July 20th in order to have a feeling of what we can expect from Real Madrid in the next few months. It will be a presentation game, but it will be very important.

We will have a taste of this new era for Real Madrid, we will start to see if those millions of dollars were worthy investments. At least from a marketing point of view, the investments seem to be very good. From a soccer performance, we have to wait a little bit, it´s to soon to know.

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