Jul 13, 2009

Luis Fabiano to AC Milan or Manchester City?

During the last few days there have been a lot of rumors about the transfer of the brazilian soccer star Luis Fabiano to either AC Milan (Italy) or Manchester City (England).

Luis Fabiano is currently a player of Sevilla FC in Spain, and he had a lot of exposure to the whole world in the recent Fifa Confederations Cup, where he had a great performance with Brazil national team and got the Cup.

Luis Fabiano is a great player, and he is very effective when we're talking about getting goals done, he is a remarkable forward. In the final game of the Confederations Cup, he scored 2 goals that were key to get the victory for Brazil.

Let´s remember that in the final game against USA, Brazil was below 0-2 when Luis Fabiano appeared into the scene and scored the first 2 goals for Brazil for obtaining the partial tie 2-2. Later in the game Brazil scored the 3rd goal and won the Cup.

I really think Luis Fabiano will not play much more time with Sevilla FC. There is a lot of interest from other European teams to get Luis Fabiano, and Sevilla won´t be able to keep up with those offerings.

There are two offers that are known to be official offerings, one of them is from AC Milan, and the other one is from Manchester City.

As we all know, Manchester City has a lot of money available for contracting new players for their team. However, for some reason some of the soccer stars who have received offers from Manchester City have not accepted.

We still remember the offer for Kaka a few months ago from Manchester City, it was a gigantic economic offer, but Kaka didn´t accept it.

Luis Fabiano will have to think a lot about the offers he has, perhaps the offer from Manchester City is a bigger offer compared with AC Milan offer, but Luis Fabiano also has to think about the future of his career. With AC Milan he would have a more promising future.

We all know that AC Milan is one of the great soccer teams in the world. Not the same situation with Manchester City.

If we think again about Kaka, if he had accepted the offering from Manchester City a few months ago, Kaka wouldn´t be right now with Real Madrid, I guess Kaka made a very smart move.

Maybe Luis Fabiano will think the same way Kaka did, and he will finally make a move the AC Milan. That´s what I think will happen.

I'm sure Luis Fabiano would have a great season with AC Milan, and the exposure he will get will surely be a lot more exposure compared with Manchester City.

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