Jul 13, 2009

Javier Aguirre was suspended 3 games

Javier Aguirre, coach of Mexico soccer national team, was suspended by Concacaf for 3 games, after review of the strange play he was involved last week on the game against Panama in the Gold Cup.

We all remember this strange play, strange because it is not very usual that a coach attacks a player in the middle of a game.

We all witnesed when Javier Aguirre just kicked a panamanian player, all of a sudden and without any provocation.

Javier Aguirre has accepted that he just lost his mind, he can´t explain not even to himself why he reacted that way. There is no logical reason for doing something like that. It is not acceptable when a player into the field kicks another player, but it can be explained that sometimes these things happen as product of the game, two players may be trying to fight for a ball and a kick is always part of a play.

But in the case of Javier Aguirre, he was not playing, he was in the bench, and all of a sudden lost his mind and kicked a player.

Mexican fans and journalists have been talking a lot about this incident, they all agree that perhaps Javier Aguirre is having a lot of pressure from the media in Mexico because of the poor performance Mexico is having in the last few games, especially in the World Cup qualifyings. They say that Aguirre couldn´t stand anymore the pressure and he just exploded, he just went nuts!

As part of the punishment he received a suspension of 3 games, he won´t be able to be present in the bench and he will have to watch the games from the stands.

I think that the suspension of 3 games is very minor if we consider the attack he made to another player, without any reason. He could have been suspended for 6 months or something similar, but I guess Concacaf board was not very strong in their opinion against this attack.

I guess Javier Aguirre has been very lucky with this punishment. It is not a very good precedent that a coach has only 3 games suspension if he attacks another player in the middle of a game.

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