Jul 6, 2009

Concacaf Gold Cup has started

Last weekend the Concacaf Gold Cup has started. We have 12 teams competing in this tournament, in order to win this Cup. The tournament is being played in the US, and US Soccer team is by far the favorite team to win the Cup.

It´s not going to be easy for US team though. There are other teams competing, we have Mexico, Costa Rica, Honduras.

The first few games were already played, and we had the first surprise in the tournament with El Salvador beating Costa Rica 2-1. I guess nobody expected this surprising result.

Honduras beat Haiti 1-0, that is a reasonable result. Most people were expecting Honduras to win and they did. Very difficult game but the result is the most important thing. Honduras had a good start.

Mexico played against Nicaragua, it was more difficult than expected. Mexico won 2-0, but everybody was expecting more goals from Mexico. Let´s remember Mexico is playing with most of its star players, they´re putting everything they've got on this tournament. Mexico feels like an obligation to win this tournament.

Nicaragua is an amateur team, most of its players are not professional players. For this reason a 2-0 result is not very convincing from Mexico. Maybe they will improve their performance in the next game.

US team defeated Grenada 4-0. This was a very logical result. US team started very well the tournament.

In a couple of days US team will play against Honduras. Even though both teams are not using their most important players in this tournament, it's going to be a very interesting game. Both teams are very strong, but US team is the favorite to win not only this following game but the tournament as well.

There are still a lot of games ahead in the next few days. It´s going to be very interesting. We'll be watching closely.

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