Jul 11, 2009

Gold Cup: USA vs Haiti

Today we will have the final two games in Group B of Concacaf Gold Cup. US team will play against Haiti, and Honduras will play against Grenada.

As for now, US team is in 1st place of Group B with 6 points, they are already into the 2nd round of the competition. This final game against Haiti will be a rutinary game for them. They can use that game to make some training in order to be ready for the 2nd round. US team is not forced to win agains Haiti, the result won´t matter.

On the other hand, Haiti has the need to win in order to keep their chances for qualify into the 2nd round. Haiti has 3 points after they defeated Grenada a couple of days ago.

A draw wouldn´t be that bad for Haiti, if they get a draw against USA, Haiti would get 4 points and that would be enough to qualify into the 2nd round, because with a draw the worst scenario for them would be to finish in 3rd place in this group.

We have to consider that Jamaica is 3rd place in Group A with 3 points, so Haiti with 4 points would be in better position than Jamaica, and that would be enough to qualify. Let´s remember that a team in 3rd place still has a chance to qualify provided that they have more points than the 3rd place in other groups.

Even though USA doesn´t need to win this particular game, I believe they are a much better team compared with Haiti, and they will beat Haiti for sure.

The game will be played tonight in Boston, and US team should confirm they are the favorite team to win not only this group B, but they are the favorite team to win the Gold Cup as well.

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