Jul 9, 2009

Gold Cup: USA beat Honduras 2-1

As we anticipated in a previous post, US soccer team defeated Honduras in the Gold Cup match played in Washington D.C. The final result was 2-0.

We also anticipated that this was going to be a very complicated game for US team, because Honduras is not an easy rival. And it was a complicated game, it was not until minute 30 of the 2nd half that US team could score the first goal. It was a great play, and the goal was scored by Santino Quaranta.

There were only 15 minutes left in the game, and a draw 0-0 was the potential result. But US team could score the first goal, and only 4 minutes later they scored the 2nd and definite goal. That was on minute 34. This second goal was scored by Brian Ching. I watched closely that play, and it seems to be a goal made with the shoulder rather than the head. It was a pretty strange shot.

After the 2nd goal, we can say the game was over, even though there were 11 minutes left to finish the game. Honduras had no chance to get even in the game after the 2nd goal.

I believe the result was fair, US team was a better team on this particular match, they had control on the ball most of the time.

After this result, US team has 6 points, and they have already qualified for the next round. They still have one game remaining in the group against Haiti in a couple of days, but the result is not very important for them because they are already in the 2nd round, no matter what will happen in that game against Haiti.

Haiti won its game against Grenada, and Haiti now has 3 points, they are tied with Honduras in 2nd place in this group.

I believe US team continues to be the favorite team to win this competition, even though they are not using their regular players, most of the players in this tournament are substitute players. But they continue to be a very strong team.

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