Jul 20, 2009

What was the result of Real Madrid vs Shamrock Rovers?

Today we had the debut of Cristiano Ronaldo playing with Real Madrid in Ireland. The match was against a very unknown Irish team: Shamrock Rovers.

The final result was 1-0. Real Madrid won the game, but it was close to finish with a tie. The only goal was scored at minute 87. The Irish team was only 3 minutes away of getting a surprising result.

The only goal was scored by Karim Benzema, the new french player of Real Madrid. Benzema played all 2nd half, he came into the game in substitution of Raul.

The whole world was waiting this game in order to witness the debut of this new Real Madrid, and especially the debut of Cristiano Ronaldo and Kaka.

As for Cristiano Ronaldo, he did play the 1st half of the match. However, Kaka didn´t. I guess Kaka was not ready for a debut, we will have to wait a future game in order to watch Kaka in action.

Cristiano Ronaldo only played the first 45 minutes, I guess it was not enough time in order to have a good conclusion about his performance. He was very participative though, his presence was notorious, and he played a good game in a general way, but he is still to show his real category in future games.

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