Jul 10, 2009

Soccer World Cup 2018 in Spain & Portugal?

Spain and Portugal are going to present a formal request to Fifa in order to be considered for hosting the Soccer World Cup in 2018. If the request is accepted, both countries will have a lot of chances for getting that World Cup.

Let´s remember that in 2002, the World Cup was organized and hosted by Japan and Korea, so this Spain & Portugal partnership wouldn´t be the first one in the World Cup history.

Spain and Portugal have all necessary infrastructure for organizing a succesful World Cup. Both countries have a lot of modern stadiums, and they also have all necessary communications, hotels, airports, transportation, TV facilities. They would be able to organize the World Cup next year 2010 if necessary.

For Spain this would be their 2nd chance to celebrate a World Cup in their history, let´s remember they hosted 1982 World Cup.

For Portugal, this would be the 1st time. They have organized other important competitions in the past. We still remember the Eurocup a few years ago, which was a complete success.

Let´s wait then for Fifa to decide if World Cup 2018 will be trusted to Spain & Portugal. It´s also possible that if Fifa skips this 2018 World Cup request, this probably would push the request for 2022 World Cup.

There is enough time to analyze this request. Spain and Portugal will have to wait some time for Fifa to decide. Let´s wait then.

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