Jul 8, 2009

Costa Rica defeated Jamaica 1-0

Costa Rica is back on track in the competition of the Gold Cup 2009, with a win over Jamaica 1-0. The game was very complicated for Costa Rica, Jamaica was not an easy rival, but the important thing for Costa Rica is the result.

Let´s remember that Costa Rica didn´t have a good opening in the Gold Cup a few days ago, they were defeated by El Salvador, and that was a surprising result. Several fans really thought that Costa Rica had no hopes for coming back into the competition.

Costa Rica was forced to win against Jamaica in order to stay alive in the competition, even a draw would have been a very bad result for Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is a team to watch in this competition, along with Mexico and US are the favorite teams to win the Gold Cup.

Costa Rica is using all its players, they have taken very seriously this competition. The same situation with Mexico, they are decided to win the Gold Cup. From my personal point of view, US team is the favorite team to win this competition, even though they are not using all of the main players, but they´re still the favorite team.

Let´s watch Costa Rica in the remaining games, it´s a very serious candidate to win this tournament. Almost everybody thought that Costa Rica didn´t have many chances left after losing against El Salvador a few days ago, but they´re still very much alive and kicking!

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