Jul 7, 2009

Ribery future is not very clear

We all know that Real Madrid has been pushing for getting the services of many soccer stars in the last few months. There were a lot of rumors for the contracting of Cristiano Ronaldo, Kaka, and a few other soccer players.

A few months ago, the contracting of Cristiano Ronaldo was very uncertain, but everybody knew that it was a matter of time for Real Madrid in order to get Cristiano Ronaldo on the team.

The same situation with Kaka. A lot of rumors for a long time, everybody was very uncertain about this. Finally Kaka went to Real Madrid.

Is Ribery the next player to sign a contract with Real Madrid?. It is a rumor that comes from many months ago. The situation of Ribery with his current team, Bayern Munich, is not very clear.

Ribery himself has said several times that he is not sure if he will continue with Bayern Munich. However, he also said a few days ago that he intends to finish his contract with Bayern Munich before moving to another team.

Some people say that Ribery is not very happy with his current situation in Germany, some other people say he is fine. As I said before, a lot of rumors come and go, and we are not sure what is the real situation.

What I do know is that Ribery is a great player, I´m also sure that Real Madrid has the intention of contracting Ribery as soon as possible. If Real Madrid was able to get Cristiano Ronaldo and Kaka, I wouldn´t be surprised that they also get Ribery in the next few days or weeks.

Let´s wait and see, we´ll be watching this situation.

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