Jul 20, 2009

Gold Cup: ready for the semifinals

We are ready to watch the semifinal matches of the Gold Cup. The only four teams that remain in the competition are the favorite teams in Concacaf, it is not a surprise: USA, Costa Rica, Mexico, Honduras.

We're looking forward to see 2 very interesting matches for the semifinals next thursday. USA vs Honduras, Mexico vs Costa Rica.

USA is by far the favorite team to win the competition, so far we have seen very good performance in USA team, even though they are not using their regular players, they are using substitute players but they still are a very good team.

Let´s remember that in the 1st round of this competition, USA and Honduras already played and USA defeated Honduras 2-0. This thursday in the semifinal we're going to have some type of revenge game, Honduras has a new opportunity to play against USA.

We're anticipating a very tough game for both teams, it´s not going to be easy. USA is the favorite team to win the match as we said before, but Honduras will be a very complicated rival

In the other match we will have Mexico vs Costa Rica. Both teams won their quarterfinal games in a very easy way. Mexico beat Haiti 4-0, Costa Rica beat Guadeloupe 5-1.

This is a very complicated match, and both teams are even, there is not a clear favorite. Anyone can win, it´s complicated really to guess who will win.

For both games, my forecast is that USA and Costa Rica will advance to the final game. Honduras and Mexico will have to wait for a future opportunity to win the Gold Cup.

That´s what I think, I could be wrong but let´s wait thursday and we will know if I´m right or not.

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