Jul 6, 2009

Welcome to our "Soccer Blog"

Welcome to this Soccer Blog, where we're going to include several topics associated to the most popular sport in the world which is soccer of course. There is so much to tell, comment and talk about soccer that any place to do it is probably not enough.

We're going to include in this blog different topics about soccer, especially up to date topics that are news, and generate varied opinions. Every once in a while we're going to talk about some past events and moments that made history in the world of soccer.

Soccer is a sport that triggers very strong passions in many cases, passion for soccer is a very serious thing in many countries all over the world.

If it´s about soccer, there is so much to tell and comment. On this blog we´re going to write about many soccer topics of course, some of them will be about today's news on soccer, some others will be about comments and opinions. We invite you to feel free to participate, please feel free to express your own opinions and comments if you feel like you have something interesting to say.

We consider that one of the most important objectives for a blog like this one is achieving that readers are able to express their own opinions and comments in a general way, or in a particular post that they can find on our blog. Please feel free to express yourself and leave your comments.

The only suggestion we have if you want to leave a comment on this blog is to show respect and not using offensive language. The idea is to maintain respect among the readers and people who leave comments. It is possible that some topics generate opposite opinions, not everybody thinks the same way and agree in everything, but if opinions are expressed with respectful manners, there is no problem at all.

Well, welcome again, and we hope that the topics to be included in our blog are to be an interesting read for you.

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